Our institute won the first prize of the "Top 20 Learning, Building a New Era, and Showing New Achievements" Theme Recitation Competition for Teachers and Students

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On the afternoon of November 8, the "Study the 20th Congress, Build a New Era, Show New Achievements" theme recitation competition for teachers and students sponsored by the Jiangxi University of Science and Technology University Trade Union and the University Youth League Committee was successfully concluded, and 3 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 5 third prizes were finally selected among the 17 participating teams, and the recitation program "One Heart to the Party, Go to the Far Side" brought by Li Jing from the School of Science and Judy from the Information 211 class won the first prize.

"Do not forget the original intention, youth and vitality are eternal, aiming for a thousand years, a hundred years are still youth, the spring breeze of the twenty years will blow us into a new journey... "Teacher Li Jing and Judy classmates are full of affection and vigor, sometimes eloquent, sometimes emotional, and the passionate vows spit out the heroism of the times and the confidence of the Yinghua teenager! As described in the recitation, the party is the rising sun, dispelling darkness, bringing light, illuminating the lovely China, teacher Li Jing and Judy salute the motherland with the voice of youth and righteousness, cultivate patriotism, strengthen the national aspirations, and practice serving the country by recitation.

After the competition, Judy said: "I am fortunate to participate in this teacher-student recitation competition with teacher Li Jing of the college, and I am also very lucky to win the first place on behalf of the college, not only the award was received, through this competition I have learned the spirit of the 20th Congress more deeply and comprehensively, as a young person in the new era, we should keep in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping's earnest instructions, and work hard and move forward bravely on the new journey." ”

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