The Faculty of Science Invites Nobel Laureate in Physics Prof. Giorgio Parisi Webinar to Present at the "MingLi Forum"

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On the afternoon of March 29, 2023, Nobel Laureate in Physics Professor George Parisi was a guest at the "Mingli Forum" of the Faculty of Science, and delivered an online academic report on the theme of “Cross-scale ‘complex system’: Explorethis simplest scientific laws in the world” at 313 Wenshan Building, Sanjiang Campus.


In this lecture, Professor George Parisi reveals the laws contained in the real world, and talks about the study of complex systems in the context of spin glass theory, surface growth, multifractals, stochastic resonances, and bird flocks. At the same time, the professor also shared his personal learning and research experience, as well as the process and experience of achieving research results, hoping that this loan can inspire everyone. After the report, Vice President Liu Chaofei gave a supplementary explanation to the report.

Professor Giorgio Parisi, an Italian theoretical physicist, an academician of the Italian National Academy of Sciences of the Eye of the Lynx, a foreign member of the French Academy of Sciences and a member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics, has won the Dirac Prize in 1999, the Fermi Prize in 2002, the Heineman Prize in Mathematical Physics in 2005 and the Wolf Prize in 2021, etc., and is known as "one of the most creative and influential theoretical physicists in recent decades". His research interests include quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, and complex systems. His effective mathematical description methods have profoundly influenced the development of neural networks, information optimization, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other fields in the 21st century, and his main contribution is the discovery of hidden laws in disordered systems, which is of pioneering significance to the theory of complex systems, and has been extended to the field of biology, such as explaining the laws of collective flight of birds.

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